Analytics & Enterprise

application development services

Business Intelligence

Understand your business.

Let us do the work for you! Intuitively view your businesses' performance, allowing you to make more informed decisions, quicker.

Customer Engagement

Build customer loyalty.

Understand the behaviour of your customers to better engage them at the individual level with personalized services. Turn your customers into advocates for your own business!

Social Commerce

Reward your customers.

Build and reward communities of advocates that support local businesses. Take back control of social buying for customers into your own hands.

Cloud Software

Access from anywhere.

Our Software-as-a-Service allows you to access your business anytime of the day, anywhere you are, and on any device you have! You get access to the latest features and updates of our product the minute we release them!

Mobile Ready

Any major mobile device.

Customers interact with your business using their mobile device and our HTML5 web application. And you get real-time information about your customers!

Safe and Secure

Your data with encryption.

Every business gets their own database that is encrypted and isolated from other businesss for peace of mind.